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The Joys of Home Ownership (or How I Discovered I’m Not Joe Handyman), Pt. 3

Follow me on…[This is part 3 of a 3-part series. You can read Part 1 HERE, and Part 2 HERE.] When I was a young homeowner, I fancied myself to be Joe Handyman. However, it didn’t take much to convince me otherwise. Only a two-foot-deep, heated swimming pool under the floorboards of my house. Actually, […]

The Joys of Home Ownership (or How I Discovered I’m Not Joe Handyman), Pt. 2

Follow me on…[This is Part 2 of a 3-part story. You can read part 1 HERE.] You have to understand something about me before you’ll fully appreciate this story: Not only am I not Joe Handyman. I’m also not Joe Outdoorsman. I hate camping. If you take me camping, within about 45 minutes of arriving at […]

The Joys of Home Ownership, (or How I Discovered I’m Not Joe Handyman), Pt. 1

Follow me on…There’s nothing like owning your own home. That’s what everybody told me, at least. And I have to admit, when Laurel and I bought our first little house on Pecan St., I thought it was perfect. Older, 1950s-era pier-and-beam. Hardwood floors. Quiet little neighborhood. Pecan tree in the back yard. Burgundy shutters. I suppose you […]

Is It Possible to Stop Grieving Too Soon?

Follow me on…Most of us have encountered people who we thought were stuck in grief, who needed to “get over it.” [Read my thoughts on that HERE.] But what about people we think haven’t grieved enough? Do you know someone who went through a tragic loss, but who seemed to handle it too well? There have been […]

The Impostor (Fiction Improvisation)

Follow me on…Fiction Improvisation by James Pence Title: The Impostor Keywords: Anthony, Kelly, governor, arthritic, pander, salubrious, begonia, ancestry, Situation: Man mistakenly wins a Newbery award. NOTE: This improvisation was fun. I did make some changes to the situation, however. Instead of the man winning a Newbery Medal, I created a fictional award. Don’t want […]

How Long Should Grief Last?

Follow me on…Have you ever thought or said this about a friend or relative who is “taking too long,” to grieve a loss: “It’s been a long time and she’s still grieving. Shouldn’t she be over it by now?” Anyone who has experienced a traumatic loss will tell you that there is no set time […]