12 Things You Might Not Know about Friendly Revenge

Follow me on…My YA novel, Friendly Revenge, launches this week, so here are 12 things you might not know about Friendly Revenge. 1. Written in 1996, Friendly Revenge is my first novel, preceding the first draft of Unseen (Blind Sight) by three years. 2. Friendly Revenge is a spin-off from the first piece I ever […]

Reflections on Turning 60

Follow me on…My 60th birthday came and went last Saturday, amid little fanfare. Well, actually there was quite a bit of fanfare because my high school class (’73, Washington High School), held a group 60th birthday party. Coincidentally, they held it on my birthday. We all gathered on the Gateway Clipper riverboat in Pittsburgh, to […]

Fiction Improv 4.0 – Fern & Gideon

Follow me on…All righty, here’s what you gave me for Fiction Improv. 4.0: 2 Names: Gideon and Fern Occupation: Soldier Situation: Stuck in a Louisiana swamp Five Random Words (I’ll use at least 3): Brilliant, sizzle, poop, telekinesis, and splash. Min word count 500, max 1,000. *    *    *    *    * […]

Fiction Improvisation 3.0

Follow me on…Fiction Improv 3.0 Okay, Peeps, Here’s what you gave me: 2 Names: Beulah and Harvey Occupation: Environmentalist 5 Words (I’ll use at least 3): Verbose, superfluous, ambiguous, fun, and onomatopoeia. Situation (I put out an extra call for this item and two people responded at almost exactly the same time. Since I don’t […]

A Baby Named Michelle

Follow me on…Our daughter Michelle Lynn Pence was born on Monday June 1, 1987. She died exactly one week later, on Monday, June 8th. This would have been her 28th birthday. I am re-posting the story I wrote about our experience with Michelle both to remember her and as an encouragement to anyone who is hurting. […]

How to Help Someone who is Grieving

Follow me on…  How do you help or encourage someone who has suffered a loss? Sometimes it’s incredibly simple. Our daughter Michelle died when she was a week old. It wasn’t a shock; we knew it was coming. We had known since the first sonogram, twenty weeks into the pregnancy. The doctors couldn’t tell us […]